Convert AMR to WAV

How convert amr to wav?

Hi! Are you faced with amr format? Without special software, you can not play the file amr.

Audio format AMR is specifically designed to store the speech. That is exactly the voice frequencies are transmitted in this format is quite nice and clean. Therefore, this file format is quite small in size of memory.

If you have file .amr, then most likely it talk record (either number). Amr format files on your computer with standard audio players can not be opened.
So to play the file .amr you need:

  • Download amr to wav converter
  • Or Download amr player

I note that many people prefer to convert amr to mp3 format.

In this article I will discuss the program that can simultaneously convert amr to wav, and play amr.

Free Amr to Wav Converter

I suggest that you take a very good and free converter amr to wav. It is very easy to use.

You can verify this. Look at the example of his work.

Free converter amr wav mp3

Free converter amr wav mp3

I’ll note that this converter can also convert to mp3. So I advise you to download this converter.

So, to convert amr to wav, you just download this simple amr-converter, which also is the amr-player.

Download free amr to wav converter. Please, download this audio converter.

Any Audio Converter

The second way to convert AMR to WAV – Use Any Audio Tsonverter. Like past converter, this program supports over various audio formats. It is also very convenient free. Graphical interface also pleases.

Any Audio Converter

Any Audio Converter

As can be seen from the figure above, this converter has a very nice interface. The colors are very well chosen. Green has a calming effect.

So, in order to get the WAV file from AMR format, you will need:

  • Download Any Audio Converter

  • Now add audio recording that you want to convert
  • Click on button Convert. Also do not forget to specify the output file format – WAV.

This converter is a class the most functional. This means that with this program you can convert audio recordings in various formats. Previous same converter, on the contrary, was quite simple.

Download Any Audio Converter.