Convert PDF to FB2

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Now a closer look at the process of transformation pdf to fb2.

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Conversion PDF to FB2

Next part of the paper will consist of a sequence of steps that you need to do. After performing these steps, you’ll have a file .fb2.

For this we use a free converter Calibre. This converter is able to work with many formats. экологические проблемы тундры

So, how convert pdf to fb2 with Calibre?

Convert with Calibre

To convert pdf to fb2 you need:

  1. Firstly: download this free converter Calibre.
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  3. Secondly: Open you input file .pdf which you need to convert
  4. Open PDF file

    Open PDF file

  5. Thirdly: Now you need to click the right mouse button, as shown in Figure and select “Convert Individually”
  6. Conversion


  7. Fourthly: Now you need to select the format – select FB2
  8. Convert to

    Convert to

  9. Finish!

So, all you need – download a free converter Calibre. Download free pdf to fb2 converter

Video for converter calibre