Convert PDF to FB2

How convert PDF to FB2?

More details about format .fb2 you can read my article how convert djvu to fb2.

Now a closer look at the process of transformation pdf to fb2.

Conversion PDF to FB2

Next part of the paper will consist of a sequence of steps that you need to do. After performing these steps, you’ll have a file .fb2.

For this we use a free converter Calibre. This converter is able to work with many formats.

So, how convert pdf to fb2 with Calibre?

Convert with Calibre

To convert pdf to fb2 you need:

  1. Firstly: download this free converter Calibre.

  2. Secondly: Open you input file .pdf which you need to convert
  3. Open PDF file

    Open PDF file

  4. Thirdly: Now you need to click the right mouse button, as shown in Figure and select “Convert Individually”
  5. Conversion


  6. Fourthly: Now you need to select the format – select FB2
  7. Convert to

    Convert to

  8. Finish!

So, all you need – download a free converter Calibre.
Download free pdf to fb2 converter

Video for converter calibre