Convert PDF to MOBI

How convert PDF to MOBI?

In my article how convert djvu to mobi I talk about similar question. When converting pdf to mobi we will do the same.

To solve our problem – convert pdf to mobi – I suggest use free converter any formats – Calibre.

Free Converter PDF to MOBI

Conversion process will be fairly quick and easy because we use a very good converter – Calibre.

This converter during his work is able to recognize patterns, which is necessary when converting pdf.

Conversion PDF to MOBI

The conversion process will consist of steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do – download this free converter

  2. Next you need to open file .pdf
  3. Open PDF file

    Open PDF file

  4. Next, as shown in the picture, you need to select the file to convert.
  5. Conversion


  6. Сurrently you need to select the output format – select MOBI
  7. Convert to

    Convert to

  8. That’s all. You do not need to do anything

In many of my articles I talk about this converter – Calibre. It’s can convert pdf to mobi also.
Download free pdf to mobi converter

Video for converter calibre